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Sujind sir attingal is a clean city but in sometimes, your ATM counter is not clean, full of papers and others please clean that ATM Counter area atleast once in a day Thanks sir Sujind
Syam.J Sir Dunkeypani attingalil orupaadu sthalaggalil undu. Athenethiray enthenkkilum nadapadikal municipalitykku edukkan kazhinjo?
Surendran.R Road widening process is not starting?
Sivanandhan Sir Education Minister Diet schoolil vannappol avidayulla road kurachu matram vrithiyakki. Athu Town UPS varayenkkilum clear aaakkiyerunnenkkil orupaadu perkku aswasam aakumayerunnu. Athinu venddi konditta materials roadil thanney eppozhum kidakkunnundu. Athu upayogikkamalloo. Anubhava poorvam pariganikkuka. Sivanandhan Attingal
Sujin.D Sir Thanks for your reply in my question about bad smell in diet NH side or samsum hotel road. But sir, u please send anyone for that area and evaluate the issue. Thanks sir FUCK YOUR MOM !!!
Vichu Sir What is your opinion about oneway system in attingal Town Vichu It is strictly one way.
SivaKumar Please sir build a bung in cheruvallimukku junction, vehicle speed is very dangerous, so build a bung lef and right side of chirayinkil attingal road in cheruvallimuku junction Thanks sir Sivakumar Cheruvallimukku It will be considered
Kiran Sir Private Bus students ticket schoolil padikkunnavarkku matram RTO Officil ninnum kodukkumennu ariyunnu. Appo Mattu private padikkunnavarkku engginay private busil S.T kittum Please solve this issue Kiran contact withPolice and RTO
Chandu Sir Waste edukkan varunnavar plastic waste edukkunnilla. Athu nanggal collect cheythu enthu cheyyanam Kathichu kalayan paaaadilla, ennaaal waste edukkunnavar edukkunnumilla. Naggal eni enthu cheyyanam ennu or maargga nirdhesam tharamo. Ethinu enthenkkilum oru parihaaram municipality thannay cheyyukayanel, athu naggalkku valiya upakaaram aaakum Thanks sir plastic waste is collected in every wednesday and saturday.
Sanjeev Sir Cheruvallimukku junctionil nalla valavulla sthalam aaanu. Aviday 4 roadil koodiyum vaahanaggal varunnudu. Roadil bunk ellathathinaaal speedinu varunna vahanaggal kaalnada yatrakkaarkku valiya budhimuddaanu Junctionil attingal chirayinkeezhu roadintay randu sidilum vanddi slow aaayittu pokunnathinulla bung unddakkial, pedi koodathay athu vazhy crose cheyyan kazhiyum. Ethu etrayum vegam pariganikkumennu karuthunnu. Viswasthathayoday Sanjeev The authority is PWD
Vikraman Nair Sir Please arrange a way to collect and destroy plastic related waste materials. Thanks sir Vikraman Nair plasti waste is collected in every wednesday and saturday.
sourav What is the status the meeting road block control in rain season Sourav there is no such problem.
Ramesh Nair Sir Attingal townil slab elakki ooaada clean cheyyunnu. But waste eduthu road vakkil edunnu. Kaalavarsham varukayum, vellam niranju waste ellam roadil spread cheyyukayum cheyyunnu. Athinu etrayum pettennu oru pariharam kananamennu apekshikkunnu Snehapoorvam Ramesh Nair Attingal waste materials are taken away at the time of cleaning.And there is no such problem.
Mahesh Sir englishil ellam parayan pattathathu konddaanu malayalathil parayunnathu. Cheruvalli mukku junctionil kadakkaar mikkavarum chavarum chavar chakkukalum konddidunnu. municipality vahanam randdu divasam athuvazhi vannilla enkkil athu aviday kidannu cheenju naaarunnu. Koodathay pattikkal orupaaadaaayee aviday waste kazhikkuvaaan varunnu, athu apakadam koodutahl unddaakkunnu. Aviday tharayil chavar edaaathirikkaaanulla enthenkkilum oru maargam kanddethuka. allenkkil ellam kadakalkkum waste bucket nirbandhamayyum kodukkuka, athil matram waste edaaan parayuka. Junctionil ethu kaaaranam valiya smell unddakunnu , koodathay anukkalum, nayakaluday sallyavum koodunnu Etrayum pettennu ethinoru parihaaram kaaanukaaa Viswasthathyoday Mahesh Cheruvallimukku camera is installed in many place to reduce these types of problems.
Dinu D Sir, any progress in Attingal Town Road (N.H) Development activities AREA MARKING IS ALREADY DONE. BUT NOW NO INFORMATIONS TO THIS PROCESS INFORM ME TO THIS PROGRESS servey is almost complete.
Vikraman Nair I think drinking water is not available in the city There is no public drinking water tap This time this is one of the important matter So take necessary actions Thank you There are public water taps in municipality area
Sanalkumar Dear Si r Vayomitram Project is not inaugurated? I think the inauguration is canceled due to election declarations So What is the status of this project ? Is it working now ? or after election? Please clear it ? by Sir Sanalkumar Attingal It was inaugurated.
Sandeep D What about the plastic removal process in attingal. Previous council start this process. What is the current status of this Issue Thanks Sir plastic waste is collected in every wednesday and saturday
Renju K Sir please maintain all the slab in footpath all slabs are moving so please make neccesary action against this Renju K there is no problem at all
Hareesh What about the status of Bypass development Hareesh servey is progressing
Jinukumar Hello sir Previous council announce the collection of plastic materials But no one come and collect that materials What is the current situations of waste plastic collection and removal Jinukumar Alamcod plastic waste is collected in every wednesday and saturday
Vasudevan Sir Municipal name plate is replace and in that place a new board is place near Dwaraka auditorium. Take action against this proper action will be taken after enquiry
Suku S Jeevan Sir, I participating ecitynews attingal debate 2015. Lot of issues discuss in that time. What about the status and actions for that debate Please inform me. Suku vayomithram project is inaugurated.ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL program is inaugurated and running with the co-operation of Sai gramam.Other development projects are progressing
Subhash Sir Private bus speed kurachu divasam prasnamillayirunnu. But now Townil polum nadakkan vayyatha avasthayaaaanu Overspeed... So, control, or arrange daily monitoring fecilites to control these activites This is the most important issue in attingal please support our life Thank you sir Subhash controlling authority is police
Raman Nair Hi Sir I am a resident association member I am participating ecitynews development debate 2015. That day we discuss so many issues What are the current status of that issues Thanks Raman Nair vayomithram project is inaugurated.ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL program is inaugurated and running with the co-operation of Sai gramam.Other development projects are progressing
Sreedharan Sir Dwaraka Temple Junctionil, oru kornaril vachirunna Attingal municipality board eppo aviday tharayil eduthu matti ettirukkukayanu, athinu pakaram aviday oru mattoru private board vakkukayum cheythu . Ethunnum municipality adhikridharuday sraddhayil vannittillayooo, athinu uchithamaya nadapadi edukkanamennu request cheyyunnu Sreedharan proper action will be taken after enquiry.
Sujin D Sir Kacheri Junctionil ninnum chirayinkeezhil pokunna vazhi diet school sidil travel cheyyumbo big smell unddu this is a clean city so please check that area Thanks sir sujind Now there is no problem
Ram Govind Hi sir what about the current status of ecity development debate 2015 please update the status thanks Ram Govind Attingal vayomithram project is inaugurated.ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL program is inaugurated and running with the co-operation of Sai gramam.Other development projects are progressing.
Bibib Das Sir Please control our private bus misbehaviours. and assure students fee concessions. Bibin das Alamcode controlling authority is police.
Ramesh Kumar Sir I am ramesh kumar from Attingal. Please rewark all slabs near our road side drianage. Atleast N.H.Side and crowded area first Ramesh kumar there is no problem at all.
Riju Hi Please inform the Development activities to public Thanks Riju Veeralam we will inform it in ward sabhas.
Anandhu.S Sir, What about the road widening programme . Please Update the current status Thanks Sir servey is progressing and is in final stage.
Hussain Hello Sir Please control the private bus meaningless behaviours thanks Hussain controlling authority is police